The Speedy Universe

Explore the world of superheroes and villains. Speedsters, assassins’, cyborgs, magicians, and a whole lot more. Every comic book features more heroes and more villains!

The Stake of the Multiverse! Raven: Teen Titans Go!

The Speedy Universe #1

We are introduced to our heroic character Speedy. He has some backstory with a super strong alien with the name Ark. Can Speedy and his friends stop Ark before he creates more havoc?

The Speedy Universe #2

After being captured by the U.S army, we see that Ark and the U.S are working together to eliminate all superheroes. But speedy will not let this happen!

Into The Speedy Universe

See how the hero Speedy was born and how his rivalry against Ark began. But also experience a new set of galactic heroes trying to stop a much more powerful villain.

Character Information

If you want to find out more about characters that I have drawn, take a look here!

Upcoming Comics!

Speedy Against the Wind introduces a new villain, Breeze. Speedy alone can’t stop her, so he will have to team up. Speedy, Ruiner, Tropica, Grain, Frostbite, and Wildcard! A new worldwide adventure for the risk of the human race….

Frostbite: Sub-Zero includes the raging war between Blanc Shard and the Atlanteans. As global warming proceeds the fight gets worse. Can the king stop the two factions before they destroy themselves?